Comments from ASPEC Members

Benefits of ASPECJohn Buckley - Movietech: "Although many of the members of ASPEC compete with each other on a daily basis, when we attend meetings it is always on a friendly basis and common issues are discussed openly. ASPEC has helped me many times with problems and the combined knowledge within the membership is second to none."

Eddie Fegan - Film & TV Services: "As a Founder Member of ASPEC (formerly the Lighting Contractors Association) I would like to state that ASPEC has proved invaluable to the industry in promoting Health & Safety, Training and its Code of Ethics. I would strongly recommend Membership."

Steve Giudici - Island Studios: "Operating as a Studio I find that ASPEC are a good conduit to help me steer a way through and decipher legislative issues that seem to arise and change almost on a monthly basis. ASPEC is also a very good forum for feedback and cross-industry information from colleagues in other sectors of the industry, both from a problem-solving and commercial-networking aspect."

Mark Furssedonn - Panavision Europe: "Membership of ASPEC provides an excellent forum to discuss industry-related issues with other colleagues."

Russell Allen - ARRI Rental: "ASPEC provides an excellent opportunity for industry service providers to discuss and debate the many issues that we come across on a daily basis. Together, we can be a stronger force behind such issues as fraud and stolen equipment as well as proper training and safety."