Association of Studio and Production Equipment Companies

Consisting of a number of leading Film, Television and Broadcasting facilities companies, ASPEC exists to provide a collective voice within the industry.

Since its inception ASPEC has been responsible for a number of notable achievements gained through professional discussion and negotiation.

ASPEC is a member of the Joint Advisory Committee for Entertainment for Health and Safety in the Film, and Television Industry and has taken an active role in implementing guidelines and Health and Safety standards.

The creation of a formal guide for the safe operation of camera cranes was undertaken, financed and successfully introduced into the industry by ASPEC.

This document has come to be recognised as the industry standard for the operation of cranes. This document can be purchased directly from ASPEC.

If you are interested in becoming a member of ASPEC, please contact Kate Furssedonn via

UK Screen ASPEC is proud to be a member of UK Screen