Association of Studio and Production Equipment Companies

ASPEC – part of PLASA is an Association of Studio and Production Equipment Companies which consists of leading Film, Television and Broadcasting facilities companies. ASPEC exists to provide a collective voice within the industry. 

ASPEC's mission is to:
— Maintain and enhance technical standards within the industry
Ensure thorough standards of health and safey are adhered to
Maintain professional working practices
Develop and support new technologies
Collectively promote the industy within the United Kingdom and around the world
Establish relationships with other industry associations and unions
Act as a forum for positive, creative discussion
Assist members in fighting the epidemic of fraud and theft through Rental Guard

ASPEC is always keen to extend its Membership, to help other groups and to strengthen our UK industry. Our Member companies provide employment to many thousands of people and have a combined annual turnover of well over £100 million in providing services to almost all UK-based productions. No-one has a greater understanding of the Film, Television and Broadcasting industries; no-one is better placed to enhance, maintain and protect it.

If you would like to know more about ASPEC – part of PLASA, or would like membership details and an application form, please contact or (0)1323 524120.